Jumat, 17 Mei 2013

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no matter how much tears we both spend with, no matter how much bad days, and no matter how much time we're waiting for. its could mean nothing if we just loves and be loved till the end. happy 2nd (2 years) anniversary arief abdurrahman -@saharnabila

with you is different

Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

dear you, arief abdurrahman.
thanks for 3 days we both spend with.
its really super duper amazing wonderful awesome trip i've ever had, like i said before!
you rock baby, so much happiness makes me love you the most.
that's our day, and nobody cant break it. i love you so much!
i just thanks to god to given me you
had a trip with you is different.
because so many laugh in it.
met your aunt and his child, opang & ade.
had a trip with them by motorcycle.
wisata kuliner in bogor permai.
visited SKI for ate some pempek and look at the fish.
i just remember you told me like this
"selama ada duit mah gue cekokin makanan mulu lu sampe gemuk!" LOL.
and the most happiness is begin, jeng jeng jeng.
i'm agree with you, when you said you're twins of rossie.
because you really make me feel like im a superman
you drift very faster till i feel like i'm fly
i feel like i'm fly by motorcycle like in harry potter movie lol
yes you did, i'm not kidding.
we scream, we laugh, we sing, we share anything
even though the road is steep, we still did it
you rock baby, i love you.
you choose the best way beacuse if we dont choose that way, we will stuck by the police like others vehicle. how lucky we are!
i see your smile, really bright, very happy.
and i can feel it.
here we are in the beautiful mosque
ta'awun in night version, its amazing!
its cold. i just love the way you make me warmed. LOL
"orang tergoblok disini itu elu, udah tau ke puncak ga bawa jaket"
i just can lough and lough and lough.
sorry for it baby, i promise i never do it again haha
"ga mau pulang, ga mau pulang, ga mau pulang"
why times go really faster that day ?
is it jealous with us ?
we need to go again next time.
don't worry about my parents, ill take care of it.

wanna know what i felt when i met your mom ?
she's amazing, she's not as grim as i imagine before
i like her.
wanna know what i felt when i slept with your mom ?
i just pray to god
"ya allah semoga aku ngga ngorok pas tidur"
hahahahaha i just scared if your mother don't like me :')
but i did it, i met your mom, make some conversation with her,  slept with her, sometimes we lough together, talked about our future. she's cool, i like her!
maybe she like me too hehe

most of all.
"thanks darling for this amazing trip, you're rock! and thanks for your home anyway. thanks for that happiness! we really need to go again next time. ton of love bedur. lope lope bedur, lope lope mama <3"

Jumat, 08 Februari 2013


"Kamu bareng aku terus, jangan kemana-mana, aku kan selalu di samping kamu haha"

One Direction - Little Things

wanna know what i love ? u.

i love laughing out loud
i love colors
i love texting
i love wind in the morning
i love purple-orange-blue sky
i love fashion
i love cat, especially SIMON
i love swim
i love drama movie
action movie too
i love reading novel
i love be part of OSIS
i love browsing
i love drama queen
i love german lesson
when i found an answer in math exercise, it makes my world so beautiful
i love every friend who spend time all day with
i love tweeting and tell what worst day i spend
i love take a photo
 i love technology
i love mc'flury
i love drawing (sometimes)
i love writing
i love singing
i love my world, my family
and most of all:
i love you Arief Abdurrahman

when u bored!

when i'm got bored and suddenly met this laptop, its complicated. because i just felt like i cant stop. I LOVE SMILE AND LISTEN A CKRECK OF A CAMERA=))

photo's by: neave.com