Jumat, 08 Februari 2013


"Kamu bareng aku terus, jangan kemana-mana, aku kan selalu di samping kamu haha"

One Direction - Little Things

wanna know what i love ? u.

i love laughing out loud
i love colors
i love texting
i love wind in the morning
i love purple-orange-blue sky
i love fashion
i love cat, especially SIMON
i love swim
i love drama movie
action movie too
i love reading novel
i love be part of OSIS
i love browsing
i love drama queen
i love german lesson
when i found an answer in math exercise, it makes my world so beautiful
i love every friend who spend time all day with
i love tweeting and tell what worst day i spend
i love take a photo
 i love technology
i love mc'flury
i love drawing (sometimes)
i love writing
i love singing
i love my world, my family
and most of all:
i love you Arief Abdurrahman

when u bored!

when i'm got bored and suddenly met this laptop, its complicated. because i just felt like i cant stop. I LOVE SMILE AND LISTEN A CKRECK OF A CAMERA=))

photo's by: neave.com